CUL - Clean Your Laundry

A waterless desinfication device
that allows the reuse of clothing and other textiles in space


Astronauts're forced to use the same clothing for an extended period of time, since there's no way of clothing disinfection in space.

the prolonged wear of clothing can lead to serious sweat-based mycotic diseases.

Also storing the dirty clothing on board takes up a lot of valuable space - Up to 2 metric tonnes


We've developed a waterless disinfection device, that allows the reuse of clothing and other textiles for astronauts.

It works based on UV radiation with a wavelength of 254nm, which have germicidal effect, therefore stops the spreading of bacteria.

Disinfection cycle calculated based on UVGI equation: [Dose (J/m2) = intensity of radiation (W/m2) * time(s)]


Existing solution:

1) Clothing delivery and disposal by supply craft
Cygnus, SpaceX’s Dragon
2) OMNI Solutions - SULAOS
Water-based disinfection - not suitable for space-use

Benefits of CUL:

1) No clothing supply needed
2) Saves valuable space
3) Doesn't generate space debris
4) Eliminates the risk of sweat-based diseases
5) Waterless disinfection
6) 3D printable construction - easily provideable


CUL is available in 2 variants:
1) Product License
Targeted towards Space Agencies - NASA, ESA

2) Usage-ready device
Targeted towards Humanitarian Organizations - UNICEF

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